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Where the Information Goes
UK Border ForceInformation is automatically sent to the correct Border Force Office, which covers both Customs and Immigration
UK PoliceInformation is automatically sent to the correct police force(s) that require it, which includes Special Branch.
UK AirportsSome airports/airfields are subscribed to the service and can see your flight appear. However, they cannot see any personal information.
Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland is a part of the UK, and is therefore handled as per the above.
IrelandA PDF is automatically filled in, but not automatically emailed - you need to email this to customs yourself and/or print it out for your arrival.
Isle of ManAn Isle of Man Customs PDF is automatically filled in and emailed to customs. You can also download a copy for your own records.
JerseyA Jersey GENDEC PDF is automatically filled in and automatically emailed to Customs, Police and your Agent.
GuernseyGuernsey requires a GENDEC which OnlineGAR does not create.
AlderneyAlderney falls under Guernsey - see above.
NetherlandsNot supported - you need to fill in their own GENDEC form.
EuropeUnless mentioned above, no other european countries are notified.
AirportsAn automatic email is sent to some airports where we have their email address on file. Notes provided here on customs are our best knowledge but the status may have changed - you MUST check the AIP before travelling.

ICAONameEmail Address on FileCustoms?
LFOIbsi-abbeville@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
LFAQ Braybsi-amiens@douane.finances.gouv.frMon-Fri: Prior Notice 12HR. Sat,Sun: Prior Notice 24HR. Email to two email addresses:
LFJR Prior Notice 48HR
LFBU Brie-Champniersbsi-poitiers@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
LFLIcli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
LFLA Branchescli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frPrior Notice 4 Hours. Mon-Fri 1700-0900 with Prior Notice before 1500. Sat-Sun: Prior Notice Fri before 1500. Holidays: on the last working day before 1500.
LFQM La Vezecli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
LFBS Parentisdsacso-aerodrome@aviation-civile.gouv.frNo - According to AIP
LFLDbsi-bourges@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Prohibited
LFRB Guipavasbse-brest@douane.finances.gouv.frYes, Around the Clock. Prior Permission 24H
LFSL Souillacops@aeroport-brive-vallee-dordogne.comOn Request 48HR before FRI 1100. FAX: 05 55 22 59 95
LFRK Carpiquetaerotrafic@caen.cci.frOn Request 24H
LFMK Salvazacarcassonne@douane.finances.gouv.frFrom 01 APR to 31 OCT : 0600-1600. Outside these and from 01 NOV to 31 MAR On Request 24 HR
LFLH Champforgeuildefense-protection-civile@saone-et-loire.pref.gouv.frNo - Although AIP States On Request 72H. Confirmed they CANNOT accept UK Arrivals on Telephone May 2017. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.
LFOK Vatrycli-metz@douane.finances.gouv.frYes, Around the Clock (Check for Out of Hours Costs)
LFLB Aix-les-Bainsta.dsac-ce@aviation-civile.gouv.frPrior Notice 1HR
LFRC Maupertusbse-cherbourg@douane.finances.gouv.frPrior Notice 24H According to Airport Website, but some pilots have reported PPR with shorter notice to be acceptable
LFLC Clermont-Ferrand/Auvergneddpaf.63@interieur.gouv.frMon-Fri: On Request before 1600 on the previous day Sat,Sun: On Request before 1700 on Friday
LFBG Chateaubernard ABcognac@ba709.air.defense.gouv.frNo - According to AIP
LFGA Houssencli-metz@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
LFTF Pierrefeu
LFRG St Gatienoperations@aeroportdeauville.comYes Mon-Fri : 0700-1830 Sat,Sun,Holidays: 0800-1830
LFRD Pleurtuit-St Malobse-saint-malo@douane.finances.gouv.fr24H Prior Notice
LFGJ Tavauxcli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frMon-Fri 0700-1900 : 4 HR Prior Notice. Mon-Fri after 1900: Prior Notice before 1100. Sat,Sun,Holidays: 24HR Prior Notice
LFSG Mirecourtcli-metz@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 2HR if exemption of customs duties. On Request 12 HR if customs operation requested at Douanes METZ.
LFEY Le Grand - According to AIP
LFBH Ile de Rebse-la-rochelle@douane.finances.gouv.frMon-Fri 1000-2200: Prior Notice 4HR. Other times and Sat,Sunday and Holidays: Prior Notice before 1800 on the last working day.
LFRObse-saint-brieuc@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
LFRM Arnagebsi-le-mans@douane.finances.gouv.frTue-Sat On Request before 1700 on the previous day. Sun, Mom and Holidays : before 1700 on the last working day
LFAT Paris-Plagedouane-aeroportletouquet@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 2H
LFPL Emerainvillebsi-marne-la-vallee@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
LFRH Lann-Bihoue Navybse-lorient@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
LFLY Broncli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frMon-Fri: On Request 24HR. Sat,Sun,Holiday: OnRequest the last previous opening day before 1700.
LFSF Frescaty
LFJLinfo@lorraineairport.comOn Request 2H.
LFSM Courcellescli-lyon@douane-finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
LFRU Ploujeanbsi-roscoff@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.
LFQG Fourchambaultcli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
LFPB Le Bourgetlfpg-ctl@aviation-civile.gouv.frYes, Around the Clock
LFPO Orlylfpo-sub-ctl@aviation-civile.gouv.frYes, Around the Clock
LFBPbsi-pau@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H by TEL : or or 09 70 27 56 00.
LFMP Prior Notice 24HR
LFBI Biardbsi-poitiers@douane.finances.gouv.frPrior Notice 24HRS and confirmation by email or fax
LFSPcli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frPrior Notice 12HR
LFRQ Request 24H
LFRN St Jacquesbsi-rennes@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
LFRT Armorbse-saint-brieuc@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
LFOT Val de Loire ABbsi1-tours@douanes.finances.gouv.frOn Request 4HR
LFPNsr-dugny@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Outside EU/Shengen Prohibited
LFQB Tue-Fri: Prior Notice before 1600 the day before. Sat-Mon: Prior Notice Friday before 1600
LFLU Chabeuilcli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.